Euroskill waterpolo is one of the best club in town. Coach Igor is a very talented and devoted coach, my son has played waterpolo with Coach Igor and he loves it. Coach pushes every kid to do their best, he shares his passion in waterpolo and kids learn to channel their energy in sports.

Liza L

Coach Igor is a great coach and I highly recommend him. He pays attention to everyone, without leaving anyone behind. He is very serious about the sport and about individual and team improvement, and everyone still has fun. He works on the basics before moving onto more complicated drills so that the players can do them successfully. In addition, he is constantly helping them improve. He takes videos of games and scrimmages, then goes through them with the players so they can learn from their mistakes.

Joyita R

Euroskill water polo club is the best water polo club in our neighborhood! Highly recommended to all waterpolo enthusiasts. My son is with the club for close to two years and have shown tremendous improvement in skills. Coach Igor needs a special mention. He is one of the best waterpolo coaches around. His passion for waterpolo percolates down to the team. My son won’t miss a practice, or a game for anything in the world.

Neeru S

My 14 year old son LOVES this club. He learned so much in such a short period of time! Coach Igor is very friendly and boys obviously love and respect him. Practices are both hard and fun. I highly recommend this club. We will definitely plan on coming back next year.

Olena P

My son has been part of the EuroSkill team and working with Coach Igor for two years now. We have seen him develop a passion for the game and improve his skills tremendously over this time. Igor has a personal connection with each of the players, takes the time to give them feedback and pushes them to do their best. I am glad we found Coach Igor and EuroSkill

Asha R